October 8, 2020, A diary to share regarding my own experience with Flower of Life

Finally, I am able to put aside a mountain of things to do temporarily because there was no internet connection available today. I feel that this is an arrangement from the Universe as it is hard for me to be alone this year. 

As usual, I held the Anka on my hand to connect with the presence of the Goddess. Then I placed a cintamani stone on my forehead to deactivate the implant. I feel so calm and relaxed. It is so precious to have time to enjoy the tranquility, which is quite hard to experience this year.

About 40 minutes had passed when I opened my eyes. I feel a little drowsy but I still managed to get up to get my phone for several meditation sessions. When I took my phone, I saw a Flower of Life colouring paper on my table. I took the color pencils and the colouring paper, together with a book “Galactic Family of Light” which was next to the paper.

I went back to my room, put on my headphones, and started my colouring section. I kept thinking which colour to use at the beginning. However, my hand picked up a few colour pencils and started to fill the Flower of Life with these colours. I let go of all the limitations from my mind, and followed the flow of the energy.

During the section, I seem to have received a lot of information, but this information has yet to be decoded. Among them, “one ring after another, interlocking” appeared in my mind. In the quantum world, we are all connected regardless what nationality we are, regardless what language we speak, regardless what color of our skin and what religion we hold. Our consciousness influences the whole world to a certain degree!

Suddenly a memory pops into my mind. I received an inner guidance to print several artworks including Flower of Life on the t-shirt in August, 2020. This is to allow the wonderful energy to flow into our life and merge with it. By this, healing will happen naturally.

Under the limitations created by my mind, I choose to put aside the guidance. However, a strong feeling to start to work with the t-shirt appeared after a few days. This time, it came with the steps to take. By listening to my inner guidance, I finally take action, and with the help of someone, I connected with an Artwork Designer. 

I expressed briefly about the style of the artwork I want to designer. Throughout the way, the designer was so kind and patient to my request. We amended the artwork several times and there were inexplicable feelings within me. My body got warm when staring at the artwork, and my eyes were tearing. However, it didn’t meet my requirements until the birth of the last artwork which is the one on the t-shirt below.

Pink, purple and gold. Within the golden light, there are pink that represent goddess energy and purple that represents abundance. Our planet Earth is covered by the energy of pure, gentle, harmony and abundance with the Flower of Life. I feel peace at this time.

The following passage emerges suddenly: My dear, in the darkest time, you must remember that the light within you will guide you and lead you forward. Be aware of how the thought has restricted you and brought you fear, and then persisted and bravely let go of everything that no longer serves the higher level of consciousness. You have to remember that no matter when and where you are, you will always be accompanied, protected, and heals by the light. The support from the light will always be with you. Even if you lose the ability to sense, even if you don’t seem to feel anything, you have to believe that you are never alone, because light is always there! (Uncontrollable tears fall from my eyes…)

There is always a brightest star that leads us forward. No matter what conditions we are in now, no matter what problems we are encountered now, we will find a way by following our inner guidance. Let’s heart be our compass, and we will find a way to breakthrough. Finally, I am able to interpret/decode the information hidden within the artwork. There can be miracles when we believe!

I received the idea to include this paragraph before I published this diary. Basically this paragraph is to tell a brief story about the design on the back of the t-shirt. Honestly, it is not my plan to have a design on the back of the t-shirt. However, come again with guidance from the light to have a simple logo behind. 

I was working on the logo design, but no one fulfilled my requirements (the feeling of “Oh, this is what I want”). Few hours past, I am still struggling to come out with artwork. All of a sudden, a short quote popped into my mind and with the assistance of my little angel, finally I found the quote! It is a quote to express “We are One”. I only realized that this quote exactly met the meaning of Flower of Life 30 minutes before I wrote this down.

At this moment, I am aware and I feel the support from the light. (My scalp felt numb when I wrote this sentence.)

2020 is definitely a challenging year to us, but please be aware that this is a transition period, dawn before sunrises. I hope we can choose to believe in love and support each other who are in need during this time. After this, a totally different society (a heart based society) is waiting for us!

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